Welcome to Harvest Private School

A brief idea about the school’s strategic plan

The school seeks to be among the best developed schools in UAE which allocates the national agenda as its major interest and which grantees an advanced educational system thus the school accordingly built its strategic plan on the aim of supporting the national agenda.

To be the best choice for any parent who seeks to achieve the best educational service for his/her children.

Offering a distinguished educational service for different levels of society through training new educational cadres and develop the school’s performance to achieve the vision of 2021.


1-Citizenship and Responsibility:-
Enriching the national values and social responsibilities.

2-Islamic principals and values:-
Assuring the human values such as argumentation , moderation ,justice , peace and volunteer work.

3-Committement and Transparency:-
Committing to professional and transparent performance.

4-Participation and Accountability:-
Committing to community participation in the educational process and accountability.

5-Equal Opportunities and Justice:-
Guaranteeing the principal Equal opportunities for everyone in learning , science and technology.

6-Science,Technology and Innovation:-
Stimulating human energies and Institutions towards science ,technology and innovation.
New News

Seif Ismail win the first position in Smart brain

Harvest Private School congratulates the student Seif Ismail Ali Eissa in recognition of achieving the first position in the UAE & KSA in the international Smart Brain programme level B (Thailand) organized by Smart Brain Headquarters

Tolerance Week

Harvest School has organized Activities for Tolerance Week