Values of the School

Harvest Private School has built a reputation as a caring, affordable, all inclusive, accessible academic institution where students, faculty and staff find a safe environment where they can innovate and thrive. At Harvest, academic instruction is combined with a diverse and supportive community that deepens connections and builds success. Everything we do at Harvest reflects our six core values and our ambition to abide by them. These values form the foundation that guides the behaviours necessary to achieve HPS’s goals and strategic objectives and will, therefore, be consistently communicated to all employees to build a strong and positive academic culture.

Being responsible citizens requires us to be thoughtful, caring and accountable to ourselves, each other and the communities we serve. It builds inside of us the spirit and energy to be socially responsible and care for the betterment of society.

These universal values such as respectful communication and moderation together with a commitment to act ethically, welcome differences, act justly, engage in open exchange about both ideas and decisions and give one’s time to others are key hallmarks of Harvest School.

As a commitment to transparency, everyone’s opinions are valued. All are welcome and encouraged to express their thoughts, rationalize their conclusions and give input in decision-making processes. Transparency instills trust and develops an environment of confidence and loyalty to each other.

The community is a critical part of the school and their participation and involvement are critical to the decision-making process of the school. Everyone has a valuable contribution to make and community members can join in at any level. We value the views, opinions and continuous support of the community to help better the education and learning of the students and we hold ourselves accountable for improving student performance.

Freedom and equality are fundamental values that we consider when envisioning a better society. We believe in providing equality of opportunity as an ideal that combines freedom and equality. Being just with others and always standing firmly on justice provides a vision of how we should live together.

Today’s world and future generations will be more dependent on science, technology and innovation than ever before. Together they help improve productivity, can provide social and environmental benefits, build resilience, and enhance international competitiveness. Science, technology and innovation create value and drive economic recovery, social development and future progress.

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