School's Strategic Plan

Harvest Private School’s strategic goals are based on the Ministry of Education findings report of 2019 where there are priority areas that need to be enhanced and improved to raise performance and improve outcomes. Based on the components defined above: goals, objectives, key performance indicators and strategies actions, the plan is presented as follows.
The Strategic Plan (2022 - 2025) will be used to guide the work of Harvest Private School over the next three years

Strategic Goal 1: Implement exemplary governance and organizational processes

  • 1.1 Improve governance and organisational performance at HPS to achieve school improvement
  • 1.2 Enhance HPS’s reputation as a first-choice school
  • 1.3 Promote sustainable growth of the school through proper academic and financial planning
  • 1.4 Increase external resources available to the school through partnerships and development strategies
  • 1.5 Establish an operationally efficient enterprise with robust risk management (RSM) processes that serve to reduce threats and leverage opportunities for attainment of its objectives
  • 1.6 Develop strategies for academic excellence through an institutional effectiveness system

Strategic Goal 2: Attract, retain and educate talented students from within Ras Al Khaimah and surrounding Emirates through a student-centered culture of success

  • 2.1 Implement strategies to enhance teaching and learning
  • 2.2 Review tuition options for parents by ensuring proper benchmarking and evaluation are completed taking into consideration all stakeholder views.
  • 2.3 Increase opportunities for senior Grade 12 students upon graduation through provision of pathways to university studies
  • 2.4 Enhance student recruitment practices by improving parent contact and engagement strategies
  • 2.5 Expand participation in national school fairs and events
  • 2.6 Develop a vibrant school life program that engages the diverse HPS student body

Strategic Goal 3: Offer improved academic programs & community engagement initiatives that meet local, regional & international best practices

  • 3.1 Enhance the rigor of academic programs through the implementation of the UK curriculum using high impact educational practices
  • 3.2 Obtain higher rankings for the current programs through improved performance in international benchmark exams including the GL, IBT, TIMSs and PISA.
  • 3.3 Introduce new, innovative academic courses that provide students a well-rounded education based on local, regional and international demand
  • 3.4 Expand and coordinate community engagement initiatives that address societal issues
  • 3.5 Interact and engage with parents in ensuring their children receive quality learner-based education in a safe environment

Strategic Goal 4: Enhance faculty and staff excellence through improved diverse recruitment, retention and professional development

  • 4.1 Improve diversity and quality of faculty and staff recruitment
  • 4.2 Enhance the satisfaction and retention of valued faculty and staff
  • 4.3 Provide career and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • 4.4 Inculcate a culture of cooperation and collaboration among faculty and staff at HPS

Strategic Goal 5: Provide enhanced support services that contribute to the school's excellence and benefit students, faculty and staff

  • 5.1 Ensure the availability of modern, adequate information and communications technology systems and services
  • 5.2 Provide appropriate learning resources that contribute to a dynamic and efficient learning environment
  • 5.3 Ensure that students from all walks of life have the opportunity to study at HPS through provision of excellent inclusive education, care and support

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